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Squirrel Away - Roasted Almonds & Apple
Pretty Tea

Squirrel Away - Roasted Almonds & Apple


Go nut for this sweet tea filled with roasted almonds and apple pieces.  This pink coloured brew is sure to send you to squirrel heaven.

So Squirrel Away from your problem and relax while sipping this cup.  Add a little bit of frothy milk to turn this into the perfect « lattea ».


Brewing Instructions

100°C    10-12 min.   1-2 tsp.


Apple pieces, planed and crushed almonds, cinnamon pieces, beetroot pieces, flavouring.


Our products are blended and packaged in facilities and on equipments that might have been in contact with products that contain milk, eggs, mangoes, nuts, peanuts, coconuts and wheat.


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