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Behind Pretty Tea

Hey there!

You might wonder who is behind this pink online teashop? My name is Catherine and I live in Montreal, Canada!

Catherine DG fondatriceI started Pretty Tea 2 years ago in hopes of discovering new and exciting flavours of high quality tea blends!  This shop now contains all my favourites blends - it's also bound to change and evolves as time goes by, so stay tuned!  

We sell most of our teas to small and local coffee and tea shops in Montreal, but we know we have some pretty amazing clients who still want to order our products for their home! That's why we sell our teas in 250g format.  You get a much better deal out of it - tea is good for 1-2 years, so don't worry! 

If you want to taste our blends before committing to a full bag - please consider our Pretty Tasty Sampler Pack! It's a fun way to have access to sample portions of all our blends (also, that's nearly 30 cups of tea for 20$ including shipping! Yay!) 

Got a question? Want to know more about us? Owner of a shop and you would love to sell our products? Please fill out our contact form.

With much love

, Catherine D.-Gagnon - Founder