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Health(ea) Detox - Herbal Tea
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Health(ea) Detox - Herbal Tea


You don’t need to be able to do the advanced version of the crow pose to enjoy this herbal tea after your hot yoga class. 

Stay zen, sip on and rock those yoga pants. Namastea!

Holy basil is a renowed detoxifying herb with many healing properties. Mixed with the digestive aid of the spearmint, the anti-fungal and high in anti-oxydants lemon myrtle and the anti-inflammatory linden blossoms - it’s a detox powerhouse (that actually tastes good).


Brewing Instructions

95°C    5-7 min.   1 tsp.


Holy basil (Tulsi) spearmint, rosehips, lemon myrtle, linden blossoms and berry flavouring.


Our products are blended and packaged in facilities and on equipments that might have been in contact with products that contain milk, eggs, mangoes, nuts, peanuts, coconuts and wheat.


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